Most Underrated TV Shows on Netflix

These days everyone is turning to streaming services, watching shows as they air can be hard to keep up with and if you are worried about spoilers streaming really is the better alternative.

The only problem with streaming services is that you are never really sure what to watch. Luckily for you, I have a list of shows available on Netflix for you to choose from. These are some of the most underrated shows available so that you have something new listed that you have never heard of but might be interested in nonetheless.

The Magicians

First up is The Magicians. If you are into magic and spell casting, this is the show for you. It follows Grad student Quentin Coldwater as he heads into college to learn more about magic but quickly learns that there is a lot more drama and darkness than he was prepared for.

Our Planet

This show is educational and interesting. Our Planet will take you on journeys throughout the Earth, each episode following a different part of the world and the animals that live there. This show is perfect for kids who don’t feel like sitting through a whole documentary or for you to put on when you want to learn more about nature.

She’s Gotta Have It

Based on the film from 1986, this show will give you the humor fix that you are looking for. The show follows a woman as she tries to juggle her career, her friends, and three different lovers in her life. There are currently two seasons available for you to binge.


iZombie sounds like another typical zombie show, and it pretty much is. But it comes with a twist. The main character is turned into a zombie and has to live her life as normally as possible so that no one finds out that she’s undead. She quits her job at the hospital and becomes a Mortician so she has access to brains, the only problem is that she takes on the personality of whoever she eats. It’s as chaotic as you would think but it’s also one of the best zombie shows you can find on Netflix.

These are some of the most underrated Netflix shows, go check them out and see what you think. Who knows, you might have your new favorite show listed among all of these.

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