Marvel’s Endgame Becomes Highest Grossing Movie

If you have ever heard of Marvel’s Avengers, you probably know that it’s a bunch of superheroes that are thrown into a movie together. It may seem like a lot to keep up with, but Marvel is one of the most popular superhero brands and Marvel’s Endgame is one of the most popular movies and has the potential of being the highest grossing movie of all time.

Endgame was expected to be wildly popular after the cliff hanger everyone was left on during Infinity War last year, but no one could have imagined the movie being this wildly popular. The movie was in theaters for thirteen weeks and already close to surpassing the record that was held by Avatar for almost 10 years. That’s a lot of numbers in a short amount of time.

But why is this movie the movie that is going to pass Avatar’s record? Well, all of the Marvel Avengers Movies are very popular. It does not matter what superhero the movie features, everyone is going to go see the movie because they all connect in some way with one another. But Infinity War was the movie that brought everyone together at the end.

Infinity War was about an evil alien named Thanos who had planned on coming to earth and snapping away half of the population. The Avengers brought all of their superhero friends together to try and stop Thanos and his army from doing this, but they ultimately failed and half of the earth’s population turned to dust. Among those who were snapped away, some of the superheroes that everyone knows and loves.

Endgame was the next part of that story, it involved the heroes that weren’t snapped away to deal with whatever mess was left behind. Some characters started a support group for other people who lost loved ones after the snap. Some other characters accepted that this happened and tried to move on with their lives and create families. And other characters tried their best to try and fix everything that went wrong.

This movie was also stated to be the last movie for some of our favorite Marvel heroes, some of the heroes that we’ve been watching since the beginning like Iron Man and Thor were here to wrap up their stories in Endgame. So not only did people go to see Endgame in theaters because it continues the story from exactly where it left off in all of the chaos, but it was also a goodbye to some of our favorites and hello to some new faces that we will be seeing in the franchise as it moves forward.

Endgame may be the end of an era for Marvel’s Avengers, but we have a lot to look forward to as the company moves forward and produces more movies for the new heroes. The events of Endgame were very intense for all of the heroes involved so it is likely to be mentioned in most of the movies coming up in the future.

If you are unfamiliar with these movies and this franchise you should consider checking it out. If the success of these movies tells you anything it is that you will not be disappointed with how they’re all tied together in the Endgame.

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