3 Best Comic Cons in New York

In the New York area and have a love for comics, movies and all things pop culture? How about a craving for cosplay? If you are one of those individuals, like us, then it may just be time to check out some of the comic cons that New York has to offer. With a plethora of options, it might be time to join us and explore a few of them. After all, comic con is for everyone, no matter your fandom or your level of comic knowledge there is something that will catch your eye. Here are a few of our favorite options!

New York Comic Con

New York Comic Con Website

One of the biggest and busiest cons within the states, New York Comic Con has one of the largest turn outs with something to do for everyone. With crazy cosplays competitions that can only inspire and thousands of individuals just like you and us, you’ll be in good company from those who love Power Rangers to Breaking Bad. Not to mention, most of the big names that rock the convention floors are some of those that you could only dream of meeting. Four days of busy events, New York Comic Con has something for everyone. Join the likes of 250,000 other fans who can’t wait to enjoy the same things we all do.

Big Apple Comic Con

Big Apple Comic Con Website

Another one of the big city’s big cons! With so many names in comics there who wouldn’t feel the creativity surge around them? Not only that but Big Apple comic con also has a long line of exhibitors that have the potential to help you score that comic that you’ve been searching for and never can find. With so many different tables and odes to pop culture you’ll want to make sure your wallet is packed full with prep for all of those Christmas presents that you don’t want to miss out on. Between the exhibitor list and the artist alley, you’ll never want to leave the show floor.

Anime NYC

Anime NYC Website

Anime NYC is one of the biggest anime conventions in the United States. For those who have an appreciation of all things anime, there are cosplay contests, guests, panels, meet ups, masquerades and so much more. From fashion to musical gusts and creators there is something for everyone with a love of anything anime. Taking place right in New York city, in the same location New York Comic Con takes place, earlier in the year. Tickets sell fast and early, if you’re one of those who knows that they need to be there and they need to spend time with like minded people, then this is the con that you need to take part in.

Comic con is a great time for so many people, we love getting to see all of the effort that individuals put into their costumes and the passion that comes along with those who meet their favorite celebrities. Any of these cons are a good time and a great experience for anyone who enjoys any level of pop culture from Anime to comics and films.

Get your tickets for one of these comic cons and find yourself with individuals who love the same things you do. There is a comic con for every level of fan out there who just wants to have a good time and enjoy their favorite things.

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